American communities face serious health and environmental challenges from air pollution and the growing effects of climate change, both of which are intricately linked with current and future energy options. Improving air quality, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and developing adaptation strategies to address climate change are central to the Agency’s mission to protect public health and the environment. As EPA moves forward it is necessary to more fully understand the interplay between air, climate change, and the changing energy landscape to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to improving air quality and addressing climate change. To accomplish this goal, the new integrated research program for Air, Climate and Energy (ACE) will build upon the highly successful, policy relevant research the Agency has conducted in the areas of air pollution and climate change.

The major research themes of the ACE research program were developed through interactions with EPA partners and stakeholders. This ultimately resulted in the completion of the ACE Research Framework, which provides a broad overview of the ACE research program. To review the final draft of the research framework click here.

As the ACE research program progresses through the development process this website will serve as a repository of information and an avenue to provide comments or pose questions regarding the research program. To provide your perspectives, please submit new ideas or comment on existing ideas.

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